Sepanggar Island

Easily spotted from Kota Kinabalu City centre and Likas Bay, this idyllic tropical island is only 7 km away. A 10 minutes boat ride from Jesselton Point Jetty will bring you to its white sandy beach, warm turquoise water and colorful reefs.
The sandy beaches are met by thick rain forest right off the coast that rises to twin main peaks, as high as 160 meters a.m.s.l. A heaven for nature lovers, it is blessed with the amazing varieties of flora and fauna befitting an untouched tropical rain forest. Here, the island is yours to explore.

Mari Mari Sepanggar

Hop over to Mari Mari Sepanggar island.
An island hideaway a mere 10 minute’s boat ride from the Kota Kinabalu City.
An idyllic beach resort sets by the hills of primary rainforest fronted by white sandy beaches, and a spectacular view of Gaya Bay and Kota Kinabalu City.
The blue sea beckons you a few steps away. Take a dip, go scuba diving, go snorkeling. Indulge.
Take a walk along the white sandy beach, take the boardwalk up the hill and be mesmerized by the vista, the scents and sounds of the rainforest. Or simply bask in the sun on the beach, dozing to the sound of the lapping waves, and in the tranquility of an island where few have tread.
Stay the night in a chalet on the hill or by the beach, watch the City lights up in the distance, and the surrounding sea and jungle take on another romantic, mysterious facade, as night falls.

Day Trip

Package Include:
*Return boat transfer
*Jetty fee
*Snorkeling mask (Optional: Fins rental RM5/pair)
*Shower / Changing Rooms Facility
**Note: We also provide kids size snorkeling mask
You must arrive at the jetty by your own transport before 0900 Hrs / 9:00AM
Boat ride: 10 – 15 minutes
Boat Jetty:
UMS (Min. 4pax)
Gentisan ( Min. 4pax)
Getting There

  • banana boat

    + Banana Boat


    For a bit of fun in the sea why not jump aboard our BANANA BOAT and feel the power of speed and the water below as the speed boat pulls your across the sea. This is more fun when it is annoyed with more than one people.

  • parasailing

    + Parasailing


    A breathtaking adventure awaits as you get to admire the most scenic, soothing views of Sepanggar Island and the mesmerizing landscape surrounding it. Soar high above the sparkling bluish waters and soak in the panoramic views.

  • Sea Walking

    + Sea Walking


    Lets put on your seawalker helmet and take a walk along the ocean floor to meet up with Mr. Nemo. Get up close and personal with diverse marine life as you experience Sepanggar's underwater world like never before!

  • Discover Scuba Diving

    + Discover Scuba Diving

    RM320/Per session

    Discover Scuba Diving is a SCUBA DIVE EXPERIENCE for the First Time and an experience you will not forget! Have you always wanted to experience Scuba Diving? Short on Time? Here’s your chance! Let’s do it.....

  • Leisure Dive

    + Leisure Dive

    RM320/2 dives

    Discover the underwater world with a Scuba Diving at Mari Mari Sepanggar Island

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